The beautiful mindfulness coach.

No time to meditate?

Not a problem! Choose one of our

shorter 'on the go' meditations on things like walking, commuting or even listening to music.

Minding takes you on a journey through the body and mind. Mindful stages created by experts covering: cultivating calm, body awareness, training your focus, exploring memory patterns and dealing with
anxiety and stress.

How we're doing things differently

Designed with you in mind.

If at any point you need any help or guidance with your meditating, simply get in touch via the contact us feature. Along with the 55 day course, there are also many other shorter meditations allowing you to fit your mindfulness into whatever day you're having.

No subscriptions

There is a low cost, one time purchase for Minding. Why? When making the app we really wanted to set meditation and mindfulness free: not only something that's available to those who pay an expensive subscription.

Who's behind Minding?

Minding is made by a small team of passionate meditators.
We turned down funding so we could successfully make an app that puts it's users (-not investor's profits) first.


Minding is a the mindfulness coach that lives on your phone.

Cultivate calm, clarity and compassion in your life through five stages that can train your brain to focus more, worry less, and help you drift off to sleep.

All for less than 2 cups of posh coffee.

What people have been saying

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"This app has made me calmer and more focussed. I am loving the advantages of my meditation and having the shorter meditations has been invaluable when time has been short. I cannot recommend this calming and informative meditation app enough."

- Lizzie Gowland

''I started using minding during the most stressful period of my life - preparing for my state exams. Before I started, I was experiencing constant worry, pain, stress and even depression. Meditating for 20 minutes a day with minding radically changed the way my days and eventually my life felt. Monty, thank you for your help, your meditations really saved my life

- Teresa Hergueta

''I'm so happy to have found Minding. The app has proved to be a friendly and useful guide and provided me with all the tools I need to develop my practice. Throughout the course, each meditation is delivered in a soothing, melodic tone which supports the development of the key principles of mindfulness; I recommend Minding to people I work with who are looking to achieve the benefits of mindfulness. To date, those documented include improved sleep, increased ability to regulate emotions and enhanced wellbeing, I would highly recommend this app to anyone interested in achieving these outcomes".

- Dr Anna Mead

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