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MBCT - Teacher Development 1

Next Course: June - July 2021

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Calling All Therapists, Coaches + Beginner Mindfulness Teachers

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At the start, most mindfulness teachers share two things: a passion for their practice and a feeling of not knowing how to start.

For me, the main problem was my confidence: I read books, even did some online courses, but still, after all that, I didn't feel 'ready'.

  • I suffered from imposter syndrome (I'd never worked as a meditation teacher before, who's going to trust I can do it?)
  • I felt scared about teaching; although I'd done my fair share of practising, I'd never guided a meditation, let alone given a class
  • With so many options online, I felt uncertain about who to trust
  • I didn't have a structure to follow or how to start getting people to come to my classes
  • I didn't have the time in my diary to commit to a 7 day training programme (or longer!)

Using her unique approach, Dr Patrizia Collard has trained over 500 mindfulness teachers.

She's also sold millions of books on Mindfulness and has taught thousands of people to meditate over her 30 years of teaching.

She's used all of this knowledge to create a new approach to Training Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Teachers utilising a mixture of online and live training.

Our Teacher Development programme is crafted to offer you a personal level of support throughout your journey to becoming a confident mindfulness teacher.

Meet your teacher

Start Teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

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In six weeks, you will learn:

How to give mindfulness classes with confidence

Experience a mix of personal training, support and supervised group facilitation to help you learn the art of giving a brilliant mindfulness class.

Deepen your mindfulness meditation to a level where you can support others starting their journey by training with teachers with a combined 50 years of experience

How to deepen

your practice

Get life changing results for your clients

Start teaching the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Programme, one of the most scientifically supported forms of mindfulness training that exists

Start your personal network of teachers and make friends who are in the same place - and who you can work with in the future

Start feeling assured as a teacher

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"Dr Patrizia Collard is an expert in her field. Her knowledge and understanding of Mindfulness makes her a leading teacher and mentor in this field. I am deeply grateful for the lessons I've gained from her."

Kate Baron

Mindfulness Coach

"Having finished the course, I am much more confident in my abilities in teaching Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. I loved working with Patrizia, Monty and Helen, who gave lots of support and guidance throughout. Their expertise and years of experience in the field was evident, and I appreciated the depth of knowledge and authenticity that underpinned the course. It was really apparent that they took a personal interest and cared deeply for each of the students on the course. The eight week on line course I had done previously felt very superficial and impersonal in comparison. Key was the level of commitment and care shown by Patrizia, Helen, and Monty throughout. Thank you all."

MBCT Teacher

Rose Grewal

"After the training, I felt very confident in my ability to teach Mindfulness and have built up a great online business around it, including leading 8 week MBCT group programs. The venue was also gorgeous; very peaceful and quiet, yet extremely welcoming.I would absolutely recommend this course - it's perfect for anyone who wants to become a professional mindfulness teacher or add Mindfulness to their list of skills."

Becki Sams

Nutrition + Meditation Coach

What people are saying about training with us

What people are saying about training with us

Enter Mindfulness is a long-standing member of The British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches. BAMBA has been created to develop best practice guidelines for teachers and training organisations and we ensure our teacher development programme is upholding their recommendations in every respect.

Enter Mindfulness is a long-standing member of The British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches. BAMBA has been created to develop best practice guidelines for teachers and training organisations and we ensure our teacher development programme is upholding their recommendations in every respect.

Find out more
Find out more

Join our Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Teacher Development Course. A six-week online course complemented by a two day live retreat.

Here's some of what you'll learn each week.

Getting Started

Meeting the teachers and introducing the process

Starting on the right foot


  • Introducing the course
  • Learning how to run the inquiry in a mindfulness class
  • Digging deeper into the raisin exercise
  • Understanding the relevance of autopilot for MBCT
  • Introducing the journal and everyday Mindfulness


Join our Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Teacher Development Course.

A six-week online course complemented by a two day live retreat in London.

Here's some of what you'll learn each week.

The Mind-Body Connection

The role of the body in managing stress


  • Exploring the body scan meditation within the MBCT programme
  • Learning how to use the body as a tool to manage stress
  • The 3 Step Breathing Space - unique MBCT method to destress in under 5 minutes


Exploring where feelings happen in the body

Mindfulness of Thoughts

Understanding this unique aspect of MBCT

Seeing the true nature of the mind


  • Understanding how to use the breath to tune into our direct experience, stop the stress response and nurture the relaxation response
  • Breath, Sounds and Thoughts Practice and its importance within Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy


Mindfulness Movement

Walking and moving with mindfulness

Understanding the role of movement


  • Exploring the inherent relationship between mind and body through gentle movement practices
  • Practising movement and walking meditations is great help your clients keep calm even on busy days


Stress and Anxiety

Understanding the stress response and how MBCT helps

A new way to work with stress


  • The body's response to stress (understanding the fight or flight response and how it affects the different areas of the body)
  • Sitting with difficulty meditation
  • Exploring the notion of 'Watching without judgement'


Who is the teacher?

Forming your teaching style

What happens next


  • Understanding who is the teacher and what to do next
  • Going deeper into the inquiry process (ahead of the live training)


The Live Weekend

Putting everything you've learnt together

In this highly experiential two day workshop where you will practice the learnings from the online programme.

A maximum of 12 participants are accepted on this programme, (thus providing a student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1) ensuring that it is a highly personalised, supportive and effective environment for producing highly trained MBCT teachers.

Each week you'll also be joining our live classes, meditations and more to fully immerse yourself in the material and build your teaching prowess.

Find out more
Find Out More

How we work with you

To maintain our high standards of teaching, we can't work with everyone (even if we'd love to!) so, as part of our enrolment, we interview each applicant personally.

The free session is designed to help you get started teaching - with or without joining our course.

On the call we'll make you a personalised plan on how to get started teaching Mindfulness.

Here are some of the things we'll be doing together:

  • Finding out what to charge for your courses (and how important it is to get this right)
  • Making a plan to start finding and working with your ideal clients
  • Talking about how you can make your classes stand out in the mindful crowd
  • Making an action plan for how you can get started teaching Mindfulness
  • We'll also be able to answer any questions you may have about our Teacher Development Program

If right now, reading this, you're not ready to commit to teaching mindfulness, that's OK.

This training is only for you if you're serious about becoming a mindfulness teacher, but, if you are, book in a call now so we can get you started.

Spaces are limited for these calls, so please book now,

so you don't miss out.

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Book my call

Course Features

Personal Supervision as Standard

Personal tuition from bestselling meditation author and world-renowned teacher Dr Patrizia Collard

Personalised feedback to speed up your learning and make sure you start off on the right mindful foot

A chance to practise with like-minded participants

Complete the majority of your training from home

All video session recorded and yours to keep and revisit after the course is complete

Complete your training without interfering with your work or family life

Learn in-person and online

Join our network of mindfulness teachers

Create your support network of like-mindful people

Meet people in the same place and make friends for life

Q+A on how to start getting your name out there filling up your courses

Learn how to start getting your classes full of people you'd like to teach (and how this isn't as simple as you might think)

How to break mindful writers block and carry on creating content no matter what's going on in your day

Get Started with Bonus Social and Marketing Session

Start helping people soothe stress and live happier lives with mindfulness

There has never been more urgent need to help people with their mental health than now.

We are in the midst of a crisis that could stay with us for a long time, and many people need support.

We only take 12 people on each TD1 course to ensure that you are supported and nurtured personally throughout your time with us. That way, you'll be ready to start teaching by the end of the course.

So, If you want to start teaching Mindfulness with confidence and start getting life changing results for your clients, then book in a call now while there are still spaces available.

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