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Attention: all therapists, coaches and starting mindfulness trainers.

MBCT: Teacher Development 1

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About the course

  • Start running meditation classes with calm confidence + ease
    Leading meditations and inquiries are the key to becoming a brilliant mindfulness coach.
    We take you step by step through this challenging process, giving you the confidence to deliver more effective mindfulness training, guide meditations with more authenticity and lead inquiries that nurture deeper outcomes - and happier participants.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of MBCT meditation and official certification to begin teaching
    MBCT is one of the most widely recognised, respected and scientifically backed forms of meditation.
    With MBCT, your offer goes beyond the standard meditation course; instead having Willam's, Segals, Teasdale and Dr Collard's revolutionary work as part of your own offer.

  • Course + certification recognised by
    Dr Collard regularly meets with the British Board Of Mindfulness Approaches board, our teacher development course has been created to meet their best practice guidelines.
    There are many different mindfulness teacher training courses, however many of them are not connected to the UK network - which would prevent you from being eventually listed in the directory. Upon completion of TD2 you will be eligible for listing on the BAMBA directory page.

  • 'Active learning' facilitates effective learning from home
    Our programme achieves similar results to live training, whilst still offering the convenience of allowing you to complete the majority of the course from home.
    Unlike other MBCT Teacher Development courses, which require a 7 to 10 day on site commitment, our expert designed course teaches using a combination of both online and live training, allowing you to achieve certification without any major disruption to you schedule.

  • Take your own meditation practice to the next level
    Through practice and guidance, you'll attain a deeper understanding of each meditation, and your own body-mind-emotion connection, this allows you to lead a more mindful way of life - a profound benefit for both you and your future clients.

  • Bonus Session: Getting your message out there on social media
    To help you start filling your classes, you'll receive a social media workshop designed to get your mindfulness offer in front of the right people, so you can start filling your courses.

Meet your instructors

Dr. Patrizia Collard

Founder, Enter Mindfulness

Dr Patrizia Collard is a bestselling author, mindfulness teacher and teacher trainer, Psychotherapist and long-standing active member of the UK Mindfulness Network (the official UK mindfulness body). She travels the world speaking at mindfulness conferences, has sold over 1.5 million books on mindfulness and meditation, and is an expert in MBCT, Mindful Self-Compassion and MBSR.

Patrizia has over 30 years of experience in teaching people to meditate, both training and supervising psychotherapists. Trained by John Kabat-Zinn (cited as the teacher who brought mindfulness to the Western World) and Mark Williams (who co-created the MBCT programme), you're in safe hands to start teaching MBCT with Patrizia.

Helen Stephenson

Teacher Enter Mindfulness

Helen has spent her life dedicated to the practice and study of yoga, pilates, mindfulness and meditation. She is the co-author of the Mindfulness diet and the Mindfulness cookbook, her expertise lies in teaching mindful movement and mindful walking practices.

She has 10 years experience of teaching at the famous Bhuddist Retreat Centre Gaia House, in Devon.Helen trained with Dr. Patrizia Collard, founder of entermindfulness and with Jody Mardula and Cindy Cooper of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University.

Monty is the coach for the online stage of the course.

Monty has 10 years meditation experience, has created a mindfulness app that’s used by people all over the world and has also been trained to teach MBCT by Dr Collard.

Teacher at Enter Mindfulness

Monty Cholmeley

What people are saying about working with Patrizia

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"The training with Patrizia and Helen was truly fantastic! I loved having 2 such experienced teachers leading the course. I felt I learned about mindfulness and meditation much more in depth, and I also gained some practical knowledge on how to lead and faciliate groups. After the training, I felt very confident in my ability to teach mindfulness and have built up a great online business around it, including leading 8 week MBCT group programs. The venue was also gorgeous; very peaceful and quiet, yet extremely welcoming.I would absolutely recommend this course - it's perfect for anyone who wants to become a professional mindfulness teacher or add mindfulness to their list of skills in their current role.”

Becki Sams

'Having finished the course, I am much more confident in my abilities in teaching mindfulness. I loved working with Patrizia, Monty and Helen, who gave lots of support and guidance throughout. Their expertise and years experience in the field was evident, and I appreciated the depth of knowledge and authenticity that underpinned the course. It was really apparent that they took a personal interest and cared over each of the students on the course. The eight week on line course I had done previously felt very superficial and impersonal in comparison. I decided to go for this course as opposed to others that are available because I wanted a meaningful journey that was guided by teachers with real knowledge and experience in the field and I was aware that Patrizia was a published author in mindfulness. To anyone who is not sure about the course, I would say don't hesitate. You will learn an awful lot with an opportunity to work with teachers who have extensive knowledge and experience and who really care about the field of mindfulness.Key was the level of commitment and care shown by Patrizia, Helen, and Monty throughout. Thank you all.'

Mat Ward

"Helen and Patrizia's training gave me everything I needed to get started with my own courses. I can't thank them enough.”

"Dr Patrizia Collard is an expert in her field. Her knowledge and understanding of Mindfulness makes her a leading teacher and mentor in this field. I am deeply grateful for the lessons I've gained from her.”

Kate Baron

Course schedule

What we cover online: Participants are coached in leading meditation classes and deepen their understanding of each of the different weeks in the MBCT course.

Live retreat weekend: Participants are trained by Helen and Patrizia to ensure they are ready to start running their classes upon completion of the course.

6 weeks online training: 2rd October - 13th November

Live training: 14th + 15th November


- Introduction to leading meditations + facilitating inquiry

- Autopilot

-The body-mind connection

Weeks 1 + 2

- Mindfulness of breathing

- Thoughts are not facts

- Working with the body and mindful movement

Weeks 3 + 4

- The role of acceptance in MBCT

- Watching without judgement - what does it mean?

- Understanding the territory of depression

Weeks 5 + 6

In this highly experiential two day workshop where you will practice the learnings from the online programme. A maximum of 12 participants are accepted on this programme, (thus ensuring a student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1) ensuring that it is a highly personalised, supportive and effective environment for producing highly trained MBCT teachers.

Live Training Weekend

What you need to do before joining the course

We only select people with sufficient training to join our course. Before you make your application please make sure you meet our criteria.

  • To have at least six months experience of a daily mindfulness practice- and sufficient depth of personal experience of mindfulness practice to begin the development of competency in teaching.
  • Have in-depth personal experience of the main practices taught in mindfulness-based approaches (e.g. Bodyscan, Sitting with Difficulty)

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